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Advancements in Trachea Implants

The New England Journal of Medicine has posted an article¬†about a newborn receiving a 3D-printed, bioresorbable splint to help treat a case of tracheobronchomalacia (TBM), a condition characterized by poor rigidity in tracheal cartilage which can lead to respiratory problems including tracheal collapse. I can’t get over how brilliant the approach is:...

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Healthcare Applications of Microsoft’s New Kinect Sensor

Microsoft’s Kinect sensor and the SDK that accompanied it ushered in a new era of motion control research and tinkering. Books were published, robots designed, and an interesting branch of research started gaining traction – Kinect-assisted rehabilitation. I have some colleagues in this area working on developing a video game based stroke...

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Climbing Escalade Canada Youth Nationals

I was fortunate enough to spend the long weekend helping out the Calgary Climbing Centre youth team at the National Championships in Saanich, BC. I was a part of the youth competition scene growing up and spent a year coaching a development team during my fourth year of undergrad, so when I was offered the opportunity to help the athletes at Nationals, I...

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