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MD&M West Impressions

So as I mentioned earlier, I hopped on a plane and went to Anaheim for the MD&M (medical devices and manufacturing) West tradeshow, the largest tradeshow of its kind in North America with 2000+ exhibitors. To put this in perspective for some of my audience, this was at least as big as the Global Petroleum Expo, and eclipsed AAOS when I attended several...

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MD&M West Teaser

So I hopped on a plane this morning and ended up in Anaheim. Enduring a 40C temperature swing, I’m working on documenting this three day trade show for your enjoyment. Stay...

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Pre-Hospital Wound Closure

Making the rounds today is talk of RevMedx’s XStat dressing which claims to be capable of sealing a gunshot wound in 15 seconds. RevMedx, based out of Wilsonville OR, focuses on controlling bleeding (hemorrhage) in a prehospital setting. Their XStat dressing injects a group of rapidly expanding sponges into a (gunshot) wound cavity, which then expand...

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