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You Won’t Believe This One Neat Trick to Get Safer Medical Devices.

The NYTimes published an article recently talking about how to get safer medical devices. It raises some good points but I think it ultimately misses the mark. According to a report from the Brookings Institute, medical devices in the United States are responsible for over 3,000 deaths per year. The CDC more or less corroborates this –¬†Table 10 lists...

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Beyond the Stack Fallacy

I wrote a piece for my employer hyping our attendance at Pharmapack and discussed¬†how a recent cold medicine recall was an example of a Pharmaceutical company not engaging with their market outside of their core competencies. I want to expand on it to capitalize on a trending mental model in the Tech Sector called the “Stack Fallacy”, a...

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Warm Brown: Your personal opinion doesn’t mean squat.

I know what you’re thinking – Coffee has nothing to do with medical devices and another article about engineering and coffee is not going to contribute anything that hasn’t already been said. I get you. Hear me out though. I used to drink the warm brown liquid that came out of my employer’s drip machines when I first joined the...

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